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"I am running because I have strong ties with the community, because I desire strong communication between Common Council and its constituents, and because I am a bridge-builder. I am running as an independent under the Community Party; I am focused on people, not politics..."

We have a number of housing issues that is creating stress on renters, landlords and neighborhoods. Out of town investors who purchase single family homes to divide into poorly maintained apartments with exorbitant rents is a big problem. Not only do they consistently mistreat their tenants, they have no concern for the neighborhoods where they own property. As the owner of a duplex, I am the only candidate who has first-hand experience of being a renter, a landlord and a homeowner and I understand how important zoning is to a neighborhood's character. I strongly support owner-occupancy requirements for new Accessory Dwelling Units as a way to cut down on landlord absenteeism while allowing for more rental opportunities, but I will work with the city to enact any sensible zoning which takes into account all of the stakeholders. 


thaca’s infrastructure has greatly deteriorated over the last few years due to an underinvestment in its public employees. I plan to rebuild and maintain the city’s relationship with its public workers, as well as work to ensure that they can do their jobs. Part of that will be reinstituting the Board of Public Works, providing a vehicle for direct communication with the public and means to inform Council of needs when budgeting.

Political Commitment 

 Ithaca has not followed-through with their most visionary programs, including the Green New Deal and Reimagining Public Safety. If elected, I will work to move forward with the implementation of these programs and to hold Council accountable to its ideals. 


The relationship between the city and its Unions continues to deteriorate.  One of the concerns George McGonigal mentioned when announcing retirement was the labor unrest, which he has been working on. As a co-founder and current president of a Union (TC3AA), I have extensive labor experience and have participated in numerous negotiations and Collective Bargaining Agreements. I would like to think that I could step into George’s very large shoes to help rebuild a sense of trust between the city and its employees.


We remain disconnected from one another. COVID took a major toll on our community and I think we are still learning how to reengage. I see myself as a bridge-builder with deep ties to the community and willingness to dialogue with all of Ithaca's residents and stakeholders. I have worked with a number of organizations, businesses and non-profits, and would like to be part of rebuilding the vibrancy of this wonderful city. 


 As a homeowner and a landlord, I am keenly aware of how increasing property taxes diectly effect cost of living and rental rates. My goal would be to balance expense and income to ease taxes and maintain affordability.  


Next year Ward 3 will look much different, combining South Hill and East Hill. While the two neighborhoods have much in common, they will each have their own concerns. I am committed to regularly connecting and communicating with all residents of our Ward to ensure everyone’s concerns are being met.

Along these lines, I am committed to staying informed about the issues that impact our city and our Ward, engaging in meaningful dialogue with fellow citizens, and actively working to solve the issues that arise in a pluralistic 10 square miles surrounded by reality . 

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