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Independent Candidate for Community Unity 

My name is Pat Sewell and I have lived with my partner and son on South Hill for 15 years. We specifically moved to Ithaca to raise our kid, valuing the deep community relationships, the progressive values, and the beauty of the Finger Lakes.


I have spent my time working at the GreenStar food co-op, striving to put my values into practice. Additionally, I have been teaching courses at TC3 involving ethics, economics, and the environment, engaging underserved community members on important issues and values. 


I am running because I have strong ties with the community, because I desire strong communication between Common Council and its constituents, and because I am a bridge-builder. I am running as an independent under the Community Party; I am focused on people, not politics.


My commitment to Ithaca is informed by my experiences: I have worked to strengthen and expand our local food cooperative; I have sought to engage in the classroom with people of ages the values necessary for a flourishing community; and I have volunteered as a means to give back.


I am now stepping forward to represent our community, and would like to be part of rebuilding the vibrancy of this wonderful city. 

I plan to work with other members of Common Council to reinvest in our public employees, strengthen our relationship with the Unions, and see through the work the City has already committed to, such as the Green New Deal and Reimagining Public Safety.  

My core values are honesty, transparency, fairness, and collaboration. My vision for the city is one of inclusivity and livability, where all types of people can find a place to thrive.   

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