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Certification award from AFT recognizing our local 

NLLC Board

The Board of Nothern Light Learning Center ca. 2016


During my time in Ithaca, my work has largely been through GreenStar and TC3, both community-centered organizations focused on improving our world.


I have served on various committees in both organizations which will inform my work on Common Council. In 2016 I joined with my fellow adjuncts to from the TC3AA, TC3's first Adjunct Union. I have served as the President of the Union for the last four years, and have worked to represent my members in negotiations and bargaining.

Additionally, I have served on a variety of Boards which has given me first-hand experience in dealing with the basic mechanisms of the functions of governance including financial literacy, policy development and administrative execution. 


Finally, I have academic experience in ethics, policy and economics, essential cornerstones in implementing good governance.

Selected Board Experience



Chair, Governance Committee: Ensure the functioning and efficacy of the Cooperative’s governing structure and policies, and facilitate effective working relationships among Council members


President, TC3 Adjunct Association: Administer all affairs and execute all policies of the Union, lead bargaining negotiations, meet regularly with the administration in Labor Management Committees, serve as the chief spokesperson for the Union for all public commentary or appoint a designee to do so in his/her absence.


Treasurer, Finance Committee: Ensure the fiscal health of the organization, facilitate Meeting's understanding of financial conditions of the organization and provide quarterly reports on budget versus actual expenditures.



Vice President: Assist the President as requested, perform the duties of the President in the President’s absence 


Treasurer, Feed My Starving Children/Ithaca Mobile Pack: Keep and maintain financial records of the organization, including, but not limited to, accurate accounts of receipts and disbursements, prepare monthly financial reports, prepare for annual audit or financial review


Treasurer, Bolivian Quaker Education Fund: Ensure the fiscal health of the organization, facilitate understanding of financial conditions of the organization and evaluate quarterly reports from bookkeeper.


Member, Community Advisory Board:   Work with BlocPower to connect with the local community and facilitate Ithaca's transition to a zero-carbon city.  

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